A Letter from Roger Krakoff, New Sector Alliance Board Chair

June 1st, 2017

Dear Friends,

I wanted to provide you with an important update on New Sector Alliance. Over the past year the organization has weathered a number of significant challenges including an unplanned CEO transition; staff turnover in our program, operations, and development functions; and the important loss of AmeriCorps funding to subsidize the flagship RISE Fellowship Program. Despite these major challenges New Sector Alliance remains deeply committed to its mission — to strengthen the social sector by enriching the talent pipeline.

This has been one of the most innovative years in New Sector’s history. The organization  pushed the sector to invest in talent development and we continued to run core programs in four regions — Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis/Saint Paul, and the San Francisco Bay Area. New Sector placed 60 RISE Fellows across the country who are learning about the sector while supporting their host organizations; piloted new financial models for our fellowships in the absence of AmeriCorps funding; and designed new curricula and programming to respond to the diversity of identities represented in our cohorts and communities.

Even with our Staff and Fellows’ outstanding work to adapt to these major challenges we have had to evaluate even more difficult decisions as a Board. After significant analysis we concluded that the best course for New Sector Alliance would be to press “pause” at the end of this year’s program cycle. The objective is to enter a period of reflection and strategic planning for a renewal of New Sector’s approach and organization. We plan to support our current Fellows’ transition to New Sector alumni-hood and prioritize continued New Sector alumni programming, led by our Alumni Board which is Chaired by Annie Shoemaker.

I am delighted to inform you that New Sector’s Founder, Carly Janson, has agreed to return to as Board Chair after the end of this year’s program cycle. Carly created New Sector as a volunteer program in 2000, incorporated it as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2001, and led the organization’s success over its first fourteen years. Beginning in the fall of 2017, Carly will spearhead a long-range planning process for New Sector to review strategic priorities, assess its core leadership development programs, and evaluate possibilities for new programs and initiatives designed to make the social sector stronger than ever before.

In the meantime, we need your help to successfully close out New Sector’s 2016-17 programs and prepare the organization for long-term success. This is a major moment for New Sector and we would be grateful for any contribution you could make to support our future. Please consider donating as much as you are able to help us activate this exciting, new chapter.  

Change can be a bit uncomfortable but this change is a welcome step that I believe will set New Sector and its community up for true long-term success. I would like to thank our staff, our superstar Fellows, the non-profit organizations who have served as past and present host site partners, our volunteers, and our alumni. You all are the backbone, heart, and soul of New Sector Alliance. Your collaboration with the new leadership will only propel the rebuilding of this vital organization. I have been wow’ed time after time by the people that make up this community, and I do not expect anything less for the future of New Sector Alliance.

Thank you,
Roger Krakoff
Board Chair, New Sector Alliance