Our Approach

New Sector Alliance empowers people and the organizations that serve them to access the mindsets, skills, and abilities they need to thrive in the future of work. In cross-sector partnerships with philanthropic funders, nonprofits, and private corporations, our three programs train Fellows in future-focused practices such as design-thinking, innovation, growth mindset, and social impact. 

Our approach is founded in empirical academic research and theories, drawing on disciplines spanning public policy, organizational behavior, economics, psychology, and education.

Our Services

Talent Assessment – Seek out top quality talent pursuing positive change in the world

Workforce Development – Provide transformative innovation-based learning experiences

Innovation Toolbox – Provide consulting services to meet real-time beneficiary needs

Thought Leadership – Share knowledge to promote winning ideas and practices across sectors

Our Programs

New Sector runs three Fellowship programs that bring together cohorts of highly-motivated, mission-driven professionals committed to making a difference.

  • Summer Fellowship
  • Residency in Social Enterprise Fellowship
  • Designing Your Success Fellowship

Fellows deliver high-impact projects, improve organizational operations, or design new service model programming to build the key mindsets and skills needed to succeed.