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New Sector Alliance’s mission is to strengthen the social sector by enriching its talent pipeline.

Our vision is a social sector that engages and cultivates talent to effectively meet community needs.

Our fellowships engage early career professionals in service learning.  At the core of each Fellow’s experience is a full-time placement focused on building the capacity of a nonprofit organization.  Throughout our programs, Fellows take part in cohort-based trainings, 1:1 mentorship, and individual and group coaching.


“New Sector fellows have brought not only an abundance of initiative and drive, but also strategic thinking and management skills that have made [our] program more focused and effective.”
- Host Site Supervisor

These core values guide our work:

  • Connectedness: We believe in the value of each individual’s experience, and in the importance of networks and relationships among individuals.
  • Commitment to Growth: We believe in the value of learning and improvement as lifelong, constantly evolving processes.
  • Partnership for Accountability: We believe in results driven by mutual investment and mutual responsibility.
  • Solutions-Focus: We believe in investing in targeted tools that create added value.
  • Orientation to Opportunity: We believe that open, optimistic perspectives provide greater chances to make a positive impact in the world.