New Sector Fellows are the next generation of social impact leaders.

Through our fellowship programs, early career professionals gain the skills and experiences that propel them toward long-term, successful careers in the social sector.

Congratulations to the 170 Fellows who completed New Sector programs in 2015! And thank you to the hundreds of professionals who volunteered over 2,500 hours last year to serve as mentors and trainers to Fellows.

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of our alumni say the skills they gained at New Sector continue to be transferable to their work.


“New Sector’s training was essential for building my skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and adaptability… The staff modeled leadership so effectively.“ –Sotonye Hart, Chicago RISE Alumna



of Fellows’ placements create meaningful change at organizations, and 77% of alumni continue to work in the social sector.


“Our New Sector Alliance Fellows have been deeply committed, highly skilled individuals… in many ways, they have brought our agency where it is today. From our new database to our outreach campaigns, they have helped our small nonprofit evolve to the next level.” –Rev. Dr. Anne Marie Hunter, Director, Safe Havens, Boston RISE Host Site



of our 2015 graduates identify as people of color, and 97% intend on pursuing mission-driven careers.


“I needed to see the big picture perspective about social impact and New Sector provided it. I’m now equipped to have a real leadership role… The New Sector Alliance RISE fellowship built my confidence and set me up for success.“ – Dawn Albert, San Francisco RISE Alumna



of our Fellows said they had a clear career vision and direction by the end of the program.


“I didn’t see how to get into the social sector, but at New Sector I learned how I lead and the different qualities of leadership.” – Joelle Hughley, Twin Cities RISE Alumna



of our fellowship alumni say New Sector remains an important professional community, years after they graduated.


“New Sector gave me the peer support I needed to excel and helped me build the confidence I need to continue to progress in my career… we pushed each other to accomplish more.” – Wesley White, San Francisco RISE Alumnus

DAWN: Commitment to Impact

Dawn Albert came to the New Sector AmeriCorps RISE program looking for skills and direction after work in the social sector post-college. She explains, “‘I was lacking a framework for seeing what my niche could be in the social sector and the skills I’d need to get there.” Dawn’s fellowship placement was at Aspire Public Schools, a growing national network of 38 charter schools, where her main focus was piloting new processes for gathering organization-wide feedback regarding Aspire’s new observation model. As a result of her time there, Aspire Public Schools gained a stronger toolkit, increased teacher engagement with video resources, and saw quicker adoption of best practices that affect student learning. Dawn has accepted a full-time position at Aspire Public Schools, where she leads the design and implementation of a video-based effectiveness tool.

SOTONYE: Building Leadership SkilLs

Sotonye Hart became a New Sector AmeriCorps RISE Fellow in order to deepen her understanding of what it could mean to work in the social sector after college. Through her placement at UCAN, a social service agency that works with children who have experienced trauma, she developed and implemented trainings that helped direct service partners better report on their outcomes; UCAN now has dramatically better data to drive quality improvement. Sotonye credits her growth to a combination of formal trainings, a supportive supervisor at UCAN, and New Sector’s cohort model. Sotonye is now doing research on violence intervention and expects to pursue an advanced degree in clinical psychology in the future.

JOELLE: Career Vision and direction

After college, Joelle Hughley knew she wanted to work in the social sector, but like so many early career professionals, she found the sector difficult to navigate. She was excited about the support and career development woven into New Sector’s programs. As a New Sector AmeriCorps RISE Fellow, Joelle completed a placement at the YMCA of the Twin Cities, where she focused on volunteer engagement strategy and partnerships. Joelle credits the training and support she received at New Sector with building her confidence in challenging positions, and her understanding of how broader industry trends influence her work. As a result, she identified how to best pursue and succeed in jobs she is most passionate about. Now, Joelle works in Social Responsibility for the YMCA, where her work enables a more diverse and inclusive community across the organization.

BECKY: Making a difference

Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence provides training, empowerment, and networks to promote hope and justice for victims and survivors of domestic violence and elder abuse. New Sector AmeriCorps RISE Fellow Becky Wasserman served with Safe Havens, helping them build capacity in key areas including communications, evaluation, and volunteer engagement. Becky has benefited from the skills she built through New Sector’s training and her service to Safe Havens as she has launched her work as an organizer with NextGen Climate.

WESLEY: Vibrant community

Wesley White came to New Sector’s program to benefit from the structured learning environment and coaching that he knew a typical entry-level social sector job was unlikely to provide. At his placement at TechSoup, Wes built organizational capacity for effective storytelling. He notes that through the New Sector training curriculum, he learned a range of skills, from delivering effective presentations to managing up in the workplace. He is now putting these skills to use in a program management role at TechSoup. Wes credits the community of Fellows in his cohort as a key to his success and is confident he’ll continue to benefit from and support the New Sector community.