Our Alumni network is one of the strongest aspects of our program.  We know that investment in early career professional development leads to long-term career success, and our Alumni prove it!

Kristell Caballero Saucedo- Twin Cities RISE ’15-’16

After my fellowship, I was hired as a contractor at my fellowship host site to continue leading the work I led during my fellowship. As Northside Funders Group’s Racial Equity & Inclusion Project Manager and Researcher, I continued leading and co-facilitating a series of racial equity sessions for NFG members. My plan after my RISE fellowship was to move to the Bay Area and find a job in philanthropy. I did not move to California, but I did find a position in the philanthropic sector as one of the 2017 Ron McKinley Fellows at the Bush Foundation. I will be working with the Community Innovation team doing program officer type of work.

Gabriel Cooper- San Francisco RISE ’11-’12

My career journey wasn’t typical, but the tools I learned in New Sector helped me every step along the way. When in my Summer Fellowship for New Sector, I loved the experience so much that I continued into the RISE program in San Francisco. At New Sector, I was placed at a social services and workforce development agency, respectively. I build a lasting network and learned fundamental skills that I implemented in my placements and continue to today (e.g. project planning, presentation skills, leadership buy in tactics). I used my presentation skills as the Marketing Manager for the startup LGBT media agency Q.Digital. Next, I used my project planning skills to lead social strategy for high-profile clients like Beyonce and Rihanna as an Account Executive for MWWPR. Currently, I use the leadership buy-in tactics in my role as Area Marketing Manager for The Beverly Hills Hotel & Hotel Bel-Air. Through it all, my peers and mentor have helped guide me through pressure points as well as being enormously rewarding social outlets.

Swathi Mummini- Boston RISE ’13-’14

I knew I wanted to stay in the social sector and working in the world of data after my RISE fellowship, so I found a job working as a Operations & Data Associate at an agency that provides shelter and stabilization services for families in Boston. There I created Homeless Management Information System data processes and analyzed data for reporting purposes. After about a year and half at the nonprofit, I was ready to learn a new software. I found a job working as a Business Analyst at a growing technology startup in Boston. I relied on my RISE fellowship experience as I started working with the Finance & Sales Operations teams. While I was learning constantly in a new field, I felt a disconnect, and hoped to tie my career back to the social sector. I moved to Minneapolis in September 2016, and am currently working as a Data Analyst for the agency that manages Minnesota’s Homeless Management Information System. My role involves developing reports and analyzing data to support local and statewide planning, performance evaluation and management, and funding/policy decisions. My current role allows me to leverage data and technology to drive social change, and I am very excited to be back in a position where I can make a difference.

Maggie Stohler- Chicago RISE ’15-’16

I completed the New Sector RISE program in Chicago 2015-2016. I currently work for Impact Engine, a venture capital fund in Chicago that invests in social impact organizations focused on education, health, economic empowerment and resource efficiency, which was the first job I got immediately after New Sector. The fellowship gave me access to a network of thoughtful, diverse, and accomplished peers that I still take advantage of. The program also connected me to the two co-hosts of the biweekly podcast I host called The Brink of Impact. Inspired by our New Sector experience, we launched this podcast as a peer-to-peer networking tool to inspire young people to pursue careers in social impact. We share resources for volunteering, job searching, and staying informed about the sector, as well as interview people working in the public sector. It’s a fulfilling passion project that would not have been possible without the connections I made at New Sector!