Since 2001, New Sector has delivered best-in-class consulting services to mission-driven organizations worldwide.

New Sector’s consulting services help our clients set direction, build capacity, and achieve desired results. Our projects tackle critical strategic problems and issues of implementation, including those associated with defining strategic focus, growth and scaling, economic sustainability, marketing and branding, organizational development, performance measurement, and talent development.


New Sector customizes each consulting engagement to best meet client needs, deliver services in a cost-effective manner, and maximize impact. Many of our projects require both high-level strategy and rigorous research and analysis for successful completion. For example, a nonprofit leader considering a merger needs both a thought partner in laying out strategic implications and a thorough due diligence process. We leverage our network of experienced consultants as well as our consulting firm and academic partnerships to match each project with the appropriate team of talent.


Our strategy consulting engagements typically center around articulating the key questions, bringing data and analysis to bear on those questions, engaging stakeholders, facilitating discussion about important strategic and organizational choices, and developing realistic implementation plans. In recent surveys, 96% of our clients said that New Sector’s recommendations could be implemented within a year.


Our leadership development engagements provide best-in-class training, group facilitation and one-on-one coaching support. In recent surveys, 95% of our of leadership development clients said that New Sector’s training has been directly transferable to their current work and increased their effectiveness on the job.