New Sector Designing Your Success (DYS) FELLOWSHIP

The New Sector Designing Your Success Fellowship is an intensive four-day certification program focused on preparing for the future of work. DYS was created by educators and innovators from Stanford and the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

DYS is currently being piloted with Year Up Inc., a job training and wraparound services program for urban young adults. DYS Fellows in this first cohort will use their certifications to train 300 Year Up alumni in Boston, Chicago, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington, D.C. in our pilot year. We are working to scale this by a factor of 10 in 2020.


“ Congratulations to our inaugural cohort of DYS Fellows!”
- Marcia Mundt, New Sector Program & Operations Director

The DYS Fellowship includes the following elements:

  • TrainingWorkforce development partners partner with New Sector to certify a cohort of DYS Fellows. Fellows then deliver the DYS curriculum with program participants at their organizations. Our professional development program holds a strong focus on pedagogy as the key to cultivating a growth mindset and developing skills such as adaptability, resiliency, agency and creative confidence in workforce populations.
  • Supporting Social Impact – DYS Fellows work full-time with a nonprofit organization that provides workforce development programing. Fellows gain experience and apply learning from their DYS certification with their employers and program participants.
  • CoachingUnlike many professional development programs, certified DYS Fellows benefit from continued support from New Sector’s DYS team and networks of peer educators across the U.S.

The Designing Your Success Fellowship Certification is a four-day certification program focused on training Fellows to prepare participants for the future of work.

Included in the four-day intensive certification program is a comprehensive review of the 12-module DYS curriculum, which focuses on cultivating a growth mindset and developing skills such as adaptability, resiliency, agency and creative confidence. 

  • TrainingIn addition to developing fluency in the DYS curriculum, Fellows learn innovative teaching techniques which employ learning theory principles and peer teaching in order to deepen the DYS experience beyond traditional training models. Student teaching groups also provide formative feedback for one another during the certification process.
  • Supporting Social Impact – DYS Fellows work full-time with nonprofit organizations that provide workforce development programming, and they are tasked with integrating the DYS curriculum with existing content.
  • CoachingFellows receive continued support from New Sector’s DYS team and networks of peer educators across the country as they launch DYS with their organizations.

“Supporting workforce development organizations to provide resources that drive economic inclusion for marginalized and vulnerable workforce populations has never been more important.

Economic and technological advances are shifting the paradigm of work, leaving 1 in 7 people in the workforce of the future at significant risk for job disruption (OECD, 2018). At the same time, traditional approaches to workforce development, reskilling, and boot camps are not sustainable.

It is time for a new evolution.”
- Tessa Forshaw, New Sector DYS Design Director

Participants who complete the Designing Your Success Program develop skills to navigate the future of work. These skills include cultivating and engaging a growth mindset, adaptability, resiliency, agency, and creative confidence. 

  • TrainingThe DYS Program is comprised of 12-modules covering a range of topics from prototyping and networking, to reframing and learning how to pivot.
  • Coaching – Participants benefit from ongoing support from the DYS Fellows and peer networks developed over the course of the program.

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