If you could have dinner with 1 person who you regard as a leader, who would it be and why?

Given the chance, I would have dinner with Jon Stewart because I think that promoting comedy and the ability to laugh at yourself is a good way to connect with people and lead.

What motivates you to create social impact?

I am motivated to create social impact by my desire to cultivate happiness and healthiness in my community and others.

Host Site Overview

Nexus Community Partners builds more engaged and powerful communities of color by supporting community-building initiatives that expand community assets and foster social and human capital.

Host Site Project

The primary project would be to assist on a federal contract Nexus has with Metro Transit that centers around bus stops. Nexus is working with subcontractors to do community engagement to promote transit equity. The bulk of the community engagement will be completed throughout the summer and into September. There is a consultant that is managing the subcontractors, so this role will focus on developing systems and processes to help document and track the progress of the subcontractors. This is a critical element of compliance and reporting that is required by our contract. This person will be a link between the consultant and Nexus. There is also potential to work on researching and developing a prospecting system for fundraising.