If you could have dinner with 1 person who you regard as a leader, who would it be and why?

Leslie Knope because she is hilarious, passionate, and driven.

What motivates you to create social impact?

To try to make the world even just a tiny bit better.

Host Site Overview

Courageous Sailing’s¬†mission is to transform the lives of Boston’s kids through sailing programs that inspire learning, personal growth and leadership.

Host Site Project

The New Sector Alliance Evaluation Coordinator will develop and implement a program evaluation and assessment process for the 2016 Summer Youth Program. Responsibilities include review assessment data and tools from last year; set evaluation goals for 2016; establish a timeline for 2016 assessment; revise evaluation tools; administer Boston Afterschool & Beyond tools for the entire Summer Youth Program; compile and analyze data; review and update logic models; and prepare final reports.