If you could have dinner with 1 person who you regard as a leader, who would it be and why?

I would want to have dinner with Alexander Hamilton, as I thoroughly appreciate how he overcame his personal struggles to achieve success.

What motivates you to create social impact?

I believe that the power of sport has the ability to enrich the lives of youth and help build strong communities

Host Site Overview

West End House is the largest youth development agency in the Allston-Brighton community providing high-impact programs that ensure that our young people are succeeding academically, exploring and mastering the arts, developing career readiness skills and adopting healthy lifestyles.

Host Site Project

The West End House Boys & Girls Club is an independent Boys & Girls Club that provides outcomes-driven programs to youth residing in Boston’s most under served neighborhoods. These high-impact programs provide opportunities in critical areas of youth development, ensuring that young people most in need are adopting healthy lifestyles, succeeding academically, exploring the arts and developing career readiness skills. Proven Results — The WEH utilizes a sophisticated outcomes tracking system to ensure that members receive the attention and services best suited to meet their needs. Data from 2012-2013 indicate that WEH sees positive results on all measures. – Academics: for elementary youth, 88% are reading at grade level, 50% improved grades in math or reading, and 85% achieved on-time grade progression. For middle and high school youth, 66% improved grades in math or English, and 95% achieved on-time grade progression. – College and career readiness: 96% of seniors graduated high school and 94% enrolled in college. Year-round employment opportunities provided meaningful jobs for 58 teens, and the WEH expanded employment to 70 teens in the summer months. – Fitness and nutrition: 53% of targeted youth at-risk of obesity improved their fitness level. The Kids in Motion Caf_ served 92,750 nutritious meals. – Social Emotional Learning: 52% of young people improved in initiative and problem solving, while 46% showed improvement in relationships with peers. – Arts Mastery: 54% of youth progressed to intermediate or advanced levels in visual arts, theater, or music. The WEH began to focus on outcome measurement in 2005 and successfully developed an assessment tool that was administered bi-annually for 50 children and teens. Over time, the desire to capture more outcomes on more children resulted in an unwieldy amount of data. In 2010 we contracted with the National Institute of Out of School Time to review our internally developed process and develop a hybrid model that would incorporate the evidence based SAYO tool with our existing outcome measurement system. We have reached another transition point in our history of measuring and evaluating and request an New Sector RISE Fellow to help us improve our management, utilization and communication of our program impact data.