If you could have dinner with one person you regard as a leader, who would it be and why?

A modern day leader I admire and would love to sit down to dinner with is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, because she maintains her convictions and doesn’t give up on change despite setbacks, and also because she is a powerful, outstanding woman in a male dominated court.

If you could create your own social enterprise, what would it be and why?

My social enterprise would be a pair of sustainably-run food trucks: one that sells creative, gourmet food and another that uses the revenue from the first truck to serve the hungry and homeless in the community the same high quality, healthy food at no cost.

Host Site Overview

RE-volvÕs mission is to empower people to invest collectively in renewable energy and will be financing the building of 3 new solar projects over the next year.

Host Site Project

Gavriella will help RE-volv build its community awareness and engagement capacity which will empower a wider audience to engage in re-newable energy efforts. She will examine current processes and activities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of RE-volvÕs external communications as well as coordinate and manage a program that will engage college students in campuses nationwide.