New Sector Fellowships

New Sector runs three fellowship programs, our year-long Residency in Social Enterprise (RISE) Fellowship, our Summer Fellowship, and the Designing Your Success (DYS) Fellowship. 

New Sector’s Fellowship programs bring together cohorts of highly-motivated, skilled early career professionals who are committed to careers that make a difference.

RISE and Summer Fellows serve full-time at organizations that are focused on advancing human potential, alleviating poverty, closing the achievement gap, creating jobs, engaging in environmental issues, working toward healthier futures, and other important causes. In addition to being placed as an employee or short-term intern at a New Sector partner organization, Fellows join a peer learning community where they participate in training, mentoring, and coaching to build skills needed for meaningful careers.

DYS Fellows are certified in facilitating New Sector’s cutting edge Designing Your Success curriculum. Fellows use vocational wayfinding tools and design thinking to help learners manage ambiguity and reframe their future. The program aims to instill in participants creative confidence, innovative problem-solving, radical collaboration, self-awareness, the power of reframing, a bias towards action, and a growth mindset.

Please visit our Open Fellowships Positions page for more information on recruitment for current cohorts.


New Sector Fellowships provide a network of support for entry-level and transitioning workers.

RISE and Summer Fellowships are trained on the Social Impact Leadership Curriculum which focuses on building momentum for success during the job interview process, on-boarding period, and challenging first months of a new job in social impact.

Our new DYS Fellowship is a workforce training program that equips and empowers current workers to navigate the rest of their careers. The DYS curriculum is built upon research-based pedagogy, design thinking curricula, and cultivating key mindsets.

All of our Fellowship programs are designed to provide Fellows with support, training, and networks to advance their careers and prepare them for future leadership.

  • TrainingFellows meet regularly throughout their terms for training on topics ranging from career planning to negotiations, project management to finance, communication to interviewing skills, design thinking, and more. Trainers include academic, business, and social impact leaders; experienced career coaches; management consultants; and many others.
  • MentorshipThrough one-on-one relationships with their mentors, Fellows gain support for their individual goals, which may include host site projects, professional etiquette, career exploration, and beyond. Fellows manage their schedules with mentors, typically meeting or talking weekly, often outside of business hours. Mentors are often management consultants as well as business, nonprofit, and philanthropy professionals. Fellows are matched with mentors based on mutual fit.
  • Coaching – As needed, Fellows can access individual support from the New Sector team. Common topics of discussion include navigating host site opportunities and challenges, exploring job and career opportunities, and reviewing resumes and cover letters.
  • Peer learning Fellowships are built on a cohort model with small groups of Fellows in each cohort. Cohorts support each other through bi-monthly training and learning team meetings.
  • Structured feedback and check points – Through the term, each Fellow is encouraged to proactively ask for constructive feedback from their host site or place of employment, supervisors, mentors, and peer learning teams. This feedback supports each Fellow’s personal and professional growth.
  • Network building – There are ample opportunities for Fellows to gain additional support and contacts through New Sector alumni, trainers, mentors, staff, other Fellows, and our community of partner organizations.

Short-term investment, long-term career advancement

We view our Fellowships as a short-term investment into our Fellows’ long-term career advancement. The Fellowship period is focused on making a significant impact on a partner organization (host site, workplace, etc.) as well as self assessment, reflection, career planning, skill building, mentoring relationships, networking, and other forms of professional development.

New Sector believes that our training and mentoring have positive, measurable long-term effects on job growth, career opportunities, and financial compensation. Fellows significantly increase their value to their employer (and future employers) through their Fellowship experience.


“The support, management, lessons, and professional development I gleaned from my mentors, colleagues and supervisor(s) at my host site was unmatched. And New Sector’s alumni network has continued to serve me as I’ve pursued my post-fellowship career goals.”
- Residency in Social Enterprise (RISE) 2014-2015 Fellow