New Sector Fellowships

New Sector runs two fellowships, our year-long Residency in Social Enterprise (RISE) Fellowship and our Summer Fellowship. New Sector Alliance is not currently accepting new fellowship applications.

New Sector’s fellowship programs bring together cohorts of highly-motivated, skilled early career professionals who are passionate about social impact.  Fellows serve full-time at organizations that are focused on alleviating poverty, closing the achievement gap, engaging in environmental issues, working toward healthier futures, and more! In addition to the placement, Fellows join a peer-learning community where they participate in training, mentoring, and coaching to build skills needed for meaningful careers.

Interested In Learning More?

  • Explore our current projects and partners. You can read about the social impact organizations we’re currently working with here, and view profiles of our current Fellows here.  Finally, check out what our alumni are doing here!


Unlike the traditional job search, New Sector Fellowships provide a network of support during the application process, on-boarding period, and challenging first months of a new job. Both our RISE and Summer Fellowship programs are designed to provide fellows with support, training, and networks to prepare them for future leadership.

  • TrainingFellows meet regularly throughout their terms for training on topics ranging from project management to finance, communication to interviewing skills, and more.  Trainers include social sector leaders, management consultants, career coaches, and others.
  • Employment PlacementBy serving full-time with a social impact organization (‘host site’), Fellows gain experience and apply their learning. 
  • MentorshipThrough 1:1 relationships with their Mentors, Fellows gain support for their individual goals, which may include host site projects, professional etiquette, career exploration, and beyond.  Fellows manage their schedules with Mentors, typically meeting or talking at least biweekly, often outside of business hours.  Mentors are often management consultants as well as business, philanthropy, and nonprofit professionals. 
  • Coaching – As-needed, Fellows can access individual support from Staff.  Common topics of discussion include navigating host site opportunities and challenges, exploring job and career opportunities, and reviewing resumes and cover letters.
  • Peer Learning Fellowships are built on a cohort model with roughly 10-25 Fellows in each cohort. Cohorts support each other in training, but also are broken into smaller Learning Teams to support each other during bi-monthly peer learning meetings.
  • Structured Feedback and Check-Points – Through the term, each Fellow is offered pre-scheduled 1:1 feedback.  These activities may be adjacent to Fellows’ mid-term presentations or during training sessions.
  • Network Building – There are ample opportunities for Fellows to gain additional support and contacts through New Sector Alumni, Trainers, other Fellows, and the community of host sites.

Short-term pay cut, long-term payoff

Our Fellows’ salaries are slightly lower than market rate for the beginning of their employment. We view our fellowships as an investment into our Fellows’ long-term careers, where they prioritize skill-building, support, and professional development.

New Sector’s programs provide entry into a position as an employee, provide necessary professional development training for new staff, and ongoing support for our  Alumni.  New Sector believes that such training and mentoring have measurable effects on job growth, career opportunities, and financial compensation.  Fellows measurably increase their value to their employer over this Fellowship experience and are encouraged to renegotiate the compensation level at the end of the Fellowship.


“The support, management, lessons and professional development I’ve gleaned from my mentors, colleagues and supervisor(s) at my host site are unmatched.”
- RISE 2014-2015 Fellow