Why do you volunteer as a Mentor?

I have been very fortunate to have had great mentors my entire career. These have evolved into life-long friendships and resources that I know I can reach out to at anytime for any guidance/support. Volunteering with New Sector is my way of being able to pay forward what I’ve been lucky enough to receive.

Tell us about a great experience with your Mentee.

My Mentee, whiteboarding her activities to provide a visual view of how her work ticks-and-ties and learning how much has been accomplished to-date in such a short time frame! The part that made this a great experience though was collaborating with her on articulating her value-add to the organization that she is working for (e.g. ensuring this accurately reflected her efforts, showed how her activities fit in with the overall organization’s goals and objectives, and conveyed this in a manner that was easily understood). Was eye opening and helpful for both of us to ‘see’ how the pieces fit together as well as see the size/scope of her efforts.


University of Minnesota Twin Cities