New Sector is supported through the generosity of individuals, corporations, our partner organizations, and over $500,000 of in-kind contributions annually.  With your support, New Sector can empower more emerging leaders and build a talent pipeline of social sector professionals who possess the skills, experience, and supports necessary to lead the next generation of social impact.

Why Donate

Our Fellows jump-start their social impact careers

Among our 800+ Alumni, we often hear this sentiment – “I knew I wanted to have a social impact with my career, but I didn’t know how.  My New Sector fellowship helped me develop a clear vision, and has given me the skills & support that will help me achieve it.”

Social Sector organizations access great talent

Our Fellows serve at over 150 social sector organizations every year doing critical work in youth development, economic opportunity, health services, and the environment.  They complete meaningful capacity building projects, with over 98% of projects increasing their host site’s ability to create, improve, or expand services to their communities.  About 67% of our Fellows receive an offer of employment from their host sites.

Increasing needs require great talent

While there is a growing demand for services that address our communities’ most crucial needs, the social sector faces a talent deficit which limits its ability to meet these needs. Many talented young people leave the sector for reasons such as unclear career paths and limited professional development.  With the benefit of New Sector’s Social Impact Leadership Curriculum, 1-1 mentorship, staff coaching, and active community of 800+ Alumni, our Fellows have what it takes to make a meaningful impact during and beyond their fellowship.

Want more data?


Measures of our impact include:

  • For our Fellows: 95% of Alumni say their New Sector training stands the test of time and continues to be transferable to their current work
  • For social sector organizations: Over time, New Sector Fellows have completed projects that have created over $40 million in capacity building value for the social sector
  • For the future: 77% of Alumni have maintained their commitment to working in the social sector and are becoming leaders in fields such as education, veterans’ services, disaster relief, economic opportunity, youth development, and much more

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