Residency in Social Enterprise Fellowship

The RISE Fellowship brings together early-career professionals in the social impact/non-profit sector who are looking for impactful professional development opportunities in order to bolster their engagement and improve their performance at work. During the program, Fellows build leadership and professional skills, gain a solid understanding of how non-profit and mission-driven organizations function, engage in mentoring relationships and networking, and cultivate a growth mindset.

Program Elements:

The RISE program provides skills, tools, knowledge, and networks to be more effective in your position and more equipped for long-term career growth.

  • Modeled after Gallup’s work on employee engagement, New Sector’s Social Impact Curriculum training sessions cover career development and management, sector knowledge building, communication and leadership skills, functional skills development, and design-thinking. An overview of the curriculum can be seen here.
  • Networking impact conversations with non-profit/social impact professionals
  • 1:1 mentorship with a non-profit/social impact professional
  • Individualized coaching with New Sector staff
  • Learning Teams: Self-guided peer support groups which meet regularly to work on skills, offer support and problem solving, and further discuss workshop topics and concepts 

RISE Fellows join the program via two tracks:

  • Career Track: New Sector works with partner organizations in Chicago and the Twin Cities to recruit and match Fellows with entry level full-time job placements at mission-driven organizations. Fellows are hired as regular employees of the partner organization and work full time while participating in the above Fellowship program elements. Organizations are charged for the placement and development of Fellows, so Fellows generally take a short-term pay cut for the long-term pay-off of investment in their career!
  • Professional Development Track: Individuals already working full-time in the non-profit/social impact sector may apply for the program, or organizations may work with New Sector to have their early career professionals participate in the above Fellowship program elements without job placements. Candidates can be located anywhere.
Pay and Benefits in the Fellowship:
New Sector does not employ Fellows, rather candidates are matched into roles at partner organizations. Therefore, compensation packages vary based on the employer partner and role. New Sector requires partner organizations hiring a full-time New Sector Fellow to pay a minimum of $30k plus benefits for the first year.
We are now accepting applications for the 2022 RISE Fellowship! 

Check Out Open Fellowship Positions

We are now accepting applications for the 2022 RISE Fellowship! Fellows matched between now and January 1, 2022 will begin working in their new jobs as soon as they are able, and join New Sector for professional development through the 2022 RISE Fellowship.

Become a Fellow

RISE Fellows bring the design-thinking process to their work at mission-driven organizations. Note that we make job placements as they are available.

Alumni Testimonials

“The most valuable part of my fellowship experience was the holistic set of skills and knowledge for success both in life and professionally. New Sector gave me important skills that are otherwise difficult to learn such as managing up and general successful practices for working within an organization. Additionally, it has given me a compass to guide me in thinking about how I can make the work that I do more impactful."

-Boston RISE Fellow 2013-2014

“Through New Sector, I learned to think not only strategically about the nonprofit space, but also about how government, the private sector, and nonprofit organizations can work together to solve intractable social problems."

– San Francisco RISE Fellow 2012-2013