New Sector's mission is to accelerate social change by strengthening organizations and developing leaders.

At New Sector

We Cultivate Cross-Sector Solutions to Social Problems.

Inspiring organizational change through meaningful projects, operational innovations, and service model infusions of design-thinking.
Engaging mission-driven professionals in trainings and projects that promote career and life design while developing future-ready skills.
Building relationships across sectors to solve problems and drive investment toward research-based initiatives adapted to the future of work.

What We Do

Through the Design Thinking Process, We Transform Next Generation Leaders

Our Approach

New Sector Alliance changes lives, organizations, and the world by providing tools and talent needed to thrive in the future of work. Through cross-sector partnerships with philanthropic funders, nonprofits, and private corporations, our programs invest in highly capable Fellows and support them as they apply future-focused practices such as design-thinking, innovation, and growth mindset to their work.

Our approach is founded in empirical academic research and theories, drawing on disciplines spanning economics, education, organizational behavior, public policy, and psychology.

Read more about our Designing Your Success Program here.

Why It Matters

We Envision a New Sector, Where Cutting-edge Tools are Accessible to All

Who We Are

We Are Social Innovators, Working Collaboratively to Drive Change

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